Speech and Language Dublin currently provide individualised, evidence-based assessment and intervention services to adults presenting with:

  • Communication or swallowing difficulties associated with progressive neurological conditions: such as Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, Myotonic Dystrophy etc. Aoife is a certified LSVT LOUD clinician.

  • Communication and swallowing difficulties associated with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease. Aoife specialises in the education of families and carers to facilitate meaningful communication in people living with dementia through assessment, education and the development of personalised life story books and communication passports.

  • Communication and swallowing difficulties post stroke or head injury.

  • New changes in speech, language or swallowing that are causing concern e.g. choking, coughing or spluttering on food/drinks, slurring speech, a quieter voice, difficulty thinking of words, difficulty following instructions etc


Description Fee
Initial assessment of communication and/or swallowing €220
Review/follow up assessment of communication and/or swallowing €100
Communication or swallowing therapy session (one hour incorporating revision of previous session, therapy session, client and next of kin feedback and discussion of independent practice plan) €100
16 session intensive LSVT Loud programme Upon Request
Dementia care package (assessment of communication and swallowing, carer and family education session, development of communication and swallow care plan and development of life storybook/communication passport Upon Request